• Stop extremely polluting coal plants and annual crop burning
    People are chocking in this air. Time to act!
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    Created by Devashish Kumar
  • Limit Burning fire crackers in any occasion
    Burning Fire works for any celebration is extremely polluting to atmosphere. is wasteful , unnecessary and annoying to many people and animals. We have enough pollution created for essential living. We can not afford unnecessary pollutants any more.
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    Created by Pitabas Mishra
  • CNG Buses are a must for a city like Pune
    Already pollution levels in pune city are very high !
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    Created by satyanarayan parwal
  • Air poison
    this will help people avoid goin out in the hours of peak pollution
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    Created by krishna Menon
  • Bind every construction in a circumference
    Steel cutting works, furniture cutting works causes lot of air pollution, which is very harmful. These are some of the examples among them. Everything should be done in a industrial area so that, it should not cause any harm to the residentials
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    Created by Karn Sin
  • Towards cleaner and Greener Bangalore
    This is of utmost importance since we are polluting the city more and more with each passing day and putting our lives at risk,
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    Created by Natraj D
  • Use of Public Transport
    By encouraging the people to use public transport, there would be reduced traffic, reduced road congestion and in turn reduced air pollution and sound pollution.
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    Created by Aishwarya Panchapakesan
  • or subsidize them to promote cleaner vehicles
    To promote cleaner transport. Reduce air pollution
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    Created by Rushabh Gohil
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    Created by Sudipto Bhakta
  • Prevent air pollution
    Survival of mankind. Avoid hit back by Nature.
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    Created by Harishchandra Bhat Bonanthaya
  • Air pollution by vehicles
    Biggest pollutants in the cities
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    Created by Anurag Saxena
  • Set up the promised Greening Committees for Bengaluru
    Bengaluru was known as the “Garden city” because of its greenery, lakes and mild climate. Successive rulers of Bengaluru, from Kempe Gowda, to the Wodeyars have contributed to increasing greenery, thus making it one of the most livable cities in the world! Today, Bengaluru is facing rapidly deteriorating environmental conditions- # increasing heat levels even during non-summer months # high air pollution # less rainfall and depleting underground water table! Various scientific studies along with those specifically done on Bengaluru shows that trees are important! # Dr Ramachandra, from Indian Institute of Science (IISC) has stated that the city has lost 88 percent of vegetation and 79 percent of water bodies, and will be unlivable by 2020. The only solution he offers is planting of diverse vegetation in and around Bengaluru! # On an average, a tree produces 117.934 kilograms of oxygen per year. Two mature trees can provide enough oxygen for a family of four. # Trees absorb noise, dust and carcinogenic agents, thus reducing air pollution and improving health. # Having trees on the road around a building can reduce AC and cooling costs by as much as 30 percent, as a study by Environmental Support Group showed! Bangalore Mirror’s test drive shows a variance of over 5°C in streets with and without green cover! # Trees also affect precipitation of rain; the more the tree cover, the better the rains! Therefore it is important and urgent that the BBMP ensure citizen participation and setup the necessary framework to ensure Bengaluru returns to its former glory as the Garden City of India.
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