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To: Arun Jaitley, Minister of Finance

We need electric Teslas here in India - reduce the import duty!

We need electric Teslas here in India - reduce the import duty!

Tesla is one of the most innovative car companies in the world, and they want to start building and selling their cars right here in India! Until the time they can get their factory up and running, Tesla has asked the Indian government for relief on import duties.

At a time when petrol/diesel vehicles are destroying the air quality of Indian cities, we need more electric vehicles on our roads.

Join us in asking the Minister of Finance to temporarily reduce or eliminate the import tariff on Tesla electric vehicles.

Why is this important?

Earlier this year, the Indian government announced its ambitious plans to to phase out the sale of petrol and diesel vehicles altogether. They want only electric vehicles to be sold in India by 2030!

This massive pivot in India’s energy consumption towards sustainable and renewable energy will significantly reduce vehicular emission on Indian roads, one of the primary causes of outdoor air pollution. This move by the Indian government is a progressive and proactive step towards to tackling air pollution and reducing carbon emissions in the long run.

Tesla Motors has state-of-the-art technology for energy efficient electric cars, and their interest in bringing this technology to India comes at the perfect time: when our government has just announced plans to become all-electric car nation by 2030. By levying restrictive import duties on Tesla, just as it is poised to bring electric-cars en masse to the country, the Indian government is being short-sighted, and creating unnecessary obstacles that will only further slow down the process of becoming all-electric by 2030.

In order for the Indian government to live upto its visionary target of getting rid of gas-guzzling vehicles from Indian roads, Arun Jaitley, Minister of Finance, needs to temporarily waive import duties for Tesla, giving them enough time to set up a local production unit in India, and make electriccars in India.

Sign this petition and add your voice to assert that Indians support progressive measures by the Indian government to shift to renewable energy and have only electric cars on Indian roads by 2030.

Temporarily waiving import duties for Tesla is the smart thing for Finance Minister Arun Jaitley to do. If enough Indian citizens sign this petition, we will deliver our collective voices to Mr. Jaitley and convince him to not let import duties be a roadblock in India’s march towards embracing renewable energy.


Reasons for signing

  • We really deserve the Tesla EV's
  • The air quality in my city is certainly not breathable. Any step towards reducing the extent of pollution of any kind should be adopted by all of us Earthlings.
  • Cost efficiency , User friendly and economic


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