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To: B S Shivkumar , Managing Director, Karnataka Road Development Corporation Limited

Ask KRDCL to hold public consultation for Bangalore Surrounding Roads Project

Ask KRDCL to hold public consultation for Bangalore Surrounding Roads Project

1. An immediate stay on the cutting of trees
2. Proper and accessible public consultation to be held for all projects.

Why is this important?

A group of citizens from Bengaluru met with the Managing Director of KRDCL, BS Shivkumar on 14 February 2020 to deliver the comments and suggestions from more than 10,000 citizens against the felling of the trees and demand for a public consultation for the 4 upcoming projects under KRDCL(1).

We were informed that “If we start doing public consultations for everything, no projects will see the light of day.” (2). We are disheartened at the reaction.

8561 trees are proposed to be cut for a road-widening project, in order to decongest the tech corridor. Existing two-lane and four-lane roads will be converted into four-lane and six-lane ones on the stretch between Bannerghatta, Sarjapur, Mandur, Anekal and Whitefield. Some of these trees are over 80 years old and include peepal, banyan, tamarind and other species.

This is what the project looks like in a nutshell:

1. 4 Projects
2. Estimate of 2000+ crore
3. Cost per km - 8.44 crore
4. Numbers of trees to be cut - 8561(according to official number, actual numbers may be higher)
5. Lack of Transparency - No Detailed Project Report available in the public domain
6. Number of public consultations done on the project - zero

In just the past couple of years, we have seen a dramatic rise in air pollution in Bengaluru with construction dust, garbage burning and the rise in the number of private vehicles leading to more emissions. In the midst of this, the city's old trees are a natural buffer and their loss for development projects will lead to worsening impact of climate change, not to mention the human health effects. We are moving backwards -- destroying our green cover for a concrete jungle even as other countries realise the true meaning of development without sidelining the environment. We cannot let this happen.

Ask KRDCL MD to hold the public consultation now!


Bangalore, Karnataka, India

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