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To: Narendra Modi, Prime Minister

Bachon Ki Mann Ki Baat

Bachon Ki Mann Ki Baat

Talk about the alarming air pollution situation in India in your upcoming episode of Mann Ki Baat, and declare it as a public health emergency

Why is this important?

Dear Modi ji,

My name is Ridhima Pandey. I’m a 12-year-old student and climate change activist from Dehradun. As someone whose health and future hinges on decisions made by leaders like you, I’m making an appeal to you on behalf of India’s 800 million children.

Our capital became a talking point globally last week, as Delhi,NCR, Noida, Faridabad and Ghaziabad were englufed in smog and visbility became low. Air quality rose to 999 which is hazardous and calls for an emergency situation. Even Chennai's air quality hovered in the poor to very poor category last week.

Many studies have pointed to severe health impacts PM (particulate matter) levels in the air can have on people. Children like me, with our developing immune systems, are more prone to this. It pains me to see my peers or those younger than me struggle with asthma, bronchitis, lung diseases and other illnessees, caused to a large extent due to toxic air.

Two months ago, I joined Greta Thunberg and 14 other children at the United Nations Climate Action Summit, filing a complaint to protest the lack of government action on the climate crisis. In 2017, I had filed a petition in the NGT against this too. But the NGT dismissed my plea, saying that climate change was already covered under environment impact assessment.

Modi ji, as the top leader of this country, I ask you whether you really think enough is being done to address the pressing problem of environment and air pollution in this country. We need immediate solutions to this crisis, and we must start by declaring air pollution as a public health emergency. Your show Mann Ki Baat is aired in far corners of the country, and will serve as an important platform to talk about this issue.

This Children's Day, I urge you to break your silence on Mann Ki Baat, and help safeguard the future of 800 million children by urgently addressing the dangers of air pollution. #BachonKiMannKiBaat

Thank you.

Reasons for signing

  • To prevent the beautiful earth from the giants of pollution and climate change
  • For the sake of our environment and health.
  • It is very good thing and will off course like to be part of it. As ridhima i also want change.


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