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To: M Goutham Kumar, Mayor Bengaluru and Chief of BBMP

BBMP, Hulimavu Lake is your responsibility

BBMP, Hulimavu Lake is your responsibility

1. Formally investigate the contractor involved for breach of Hulimavu Lake.
2. Provide adequate compensation to the families affected by the breach
3.Delineate the floodplains and not allow any kind of construction in the flood plains
4. Build resilience plan around the areas which have urban construction on the flood plains.

Why is this important?

A large number of houses were flooded in Hulimavu area in Bangalore as water from the lake seeped through on 24 November, after its bund was damaged.

According to a news report, more than 1,000 families in half a dozen neighbourhoods were affected by the sudden flooding and 300 cars have been submerged(1). Though the reason for the unprecedented amount of water that entered people’s homes was reported to be a lake bund breach, the actual cause is a bit more severe and worrisome, experts say(2).

This is one of the biggest man-made disasters Bengaluru has seen in recent times. The reason is appalling. According to news reports, a contractor had undertaken this work without proper permission from the BBMP, which has been the custodian of Hulimavu lake since 2016. The immediate relief steps are far from adequate and citizens are paying the price of lack of due diligence done by BBMP.

Ask BBMP to start immediately start the investigation into the contractor for the breach of the lake bund and provide adequate compensation and relief to the families that are affected.

In case of heavy rains in the future, the people living around Bengaluru’s many lakes could face similar flooding problems. We need to take action now before it’s too late!


Bangalore, Karnataka, India

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Reasons for signing

  • water bodies to be preserved.
  • It is high time the Govt takes seriously the protection of lakes
  • To restore all lakes. Money needs to be recovered from culprits


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