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To: D Randeep, Solid Waste Management Special Commissioner

BBMP, we need a public consultation before passing Solid Waste Management bylaws

BBMP, we need a public consultation before passing Solid Waste Management bylaws

Public consultation before passing Solid Waste Management by-laws, 2019

Why is this important?

BBMP published the Draft Solid Waste Management by-laws, on September 26 2019, for public objections and suggestions, with the last date for receiving feedback on or before October 31, 2019(1). A review of this draft by-law by the Solid Waste Management Round Table reveals that if these SWM by-laws were to be implemented it will completely undermine the decade-long effort by the High Court of Karnataka and the BBMP itself, to streamline the solid waste management practices.

The by-law in its present form is an attempt to bring back the contractor monopoly creating a big setback to the efforts made thus far by local organisations. By-laws should be specific, pragmatic, and in a form that enables regulating authority to perform their duty without any ambiguity. However, the SWM by-laws drafted by BBMP are far from that.

Some of the observations included in the current draft point the issues of

- No Intention to Implement Zero Waste
- Lopsided Economics and Unfair Protection
- Back to the old monopoly contract system
- No focus on in-situ or ward level processing of waste and justification for dilution of the
duties of the Bulk Generators to carry out in situ
- No Public Disclosure and Lack of Consultative Process

In this regard, we demand a public consultation before passing of these SWM by-laws so the public can take note and respond appropriately to the BBMP, and work together for a better, environmentally sustainable and economically feasible plan for the city.


Bangalore, Karnataka, India

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Reasons for signing

  • BBMP must be more accountable to citizens
  • Scientific solid waste management is imperative to prevent a catastrophic environmental disaster in the near future.
  • Waste management is a very important subject and it's proper implementation is a must for public health and environment.


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