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To: BBMP commissioner, BH Anil Kumar

End Bengaluru's Pothole Menace

End Bengaluru's  Pothole Menace

Fix the potholes in Bengaluru

Why is this important?

Travelling on Bengaluru's streets is a nightmare. The traffic issue is compounded by the terrible condition of the roads, with all the potholes and broken pavements. Road dust also adds to particulate matter in the air resulting in air pollution.

Monsoon season has wreaked havoc on the over 3000km of Bengaluru roads that are being dug up(2) by various agencies.

It’s the same story every monsoon. Poor quality roads that are ruined with just a few showers! Currently, a case has been filed in the High Court and BBMP Counsel K N Puttegowda admitted that “potholes have afflicted Bengaluru like cancer"(1) during the PIL hearing.

Thousands of crores of taxpayer money is spent by the BBMP every year. We need to hold them accountable to it.

In fact, the High Court has given BBMP until 21st October to respond to the issue. Thousands of crores of taxpayer money is spent by the BBMP every year. Let us create pressure on BBMP before the next court hearing to fulfil their promise of fixing the potholes in the city.

Note: While the campaign grows we are working on exciting collaborations and creative ways to engage citizens in Bengaluru. Stay tuned for more updates!

1. Bengaluru potholes like cancer, says BBMP- Times of India
2. BBMP is a public-funded terrorist outfit: Citizens miffed over roads in Bengaluru

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Reasons for signing

  • There are more than 200 pot holes across HAL area or in a radius of one or two kilometres of HAL area. These pot holes are so deadly that by chance any accident occurs, the accident victim can breathe for last. Such pot holes are scary and dangerous for public. And I also know, even after getting it repaired the very next day we are going to have another pot hole right at the same place which was repaired the very other day.
  • Banglore roads are deadly No guarantee that will return back to the home due to potholes
  • O would like to know where is the amount being spent and every penny being organised in a detailed manner on a website which is easily assevible by the public


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