To: Arvind Kejriwal, Chief Minister, New Delhi

Bring cycling plans on-track for Delhi and make work commuting Covid-19 safe!

Draft and implement the non-motorised transport policy in Delhi, prioritise cycling lanes and allow everyone access to cycling as a COVID-proof mode of transport.

1. Creating temporary cycling lanes across the entire road network of Delhi
2. Upgrading existing cycling lanes to create a safer and more connected network for cyclists
3. Ensuring a 5 KM safety radius with bicycle lanes across all Delhi schools to protect children
4. Mandating markets and associations to have a dedicated free cycle parking infrastructure
5. Ensuring government offices have dedicated cycle parking infrastructure

Why is this important?

I’m Mudra. I’m a domestic worker and I live in Badarpur. I am one of the few lakh Delhi citizens- domestic workers, factory employees, pheri-wallahs, delivery boys and other workers- who do not have the luxury of working from home or taking expensive transport everyday to work to protect ourselves from Covid-19. Our only option is to step out and earn our living everyday and the only way for us to safely commute and maintain social distancing is through our cycles.

Last year, the Delhi government announced free public transport for women in an effort to make public transport safer for women. With the Covid-19 crisis, public transport is neither adequate, nor does it guarantee women’s wellbeing and safety from Covid-19. The only way I can follow social distancing during my commute and keep myself and my family safe, is through cycling and walking. But with poor cycling infrastructure, I risk my life on the road everyday. This is why I am demanding the government to prioritise drafting and implementation of Delhi's Non-Motorised Transport Policy.

Recently, even the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs also announced guidelines for promoting cycling. The central government has shown willingness to push for cycling and walking infrastructure. When the new government won the elections in February this year, we were promised cheap public transport, women’s safety and clean air in Delhi. Why is the Delhi government not prioritising this?

Sign my petition so that everyone can access cycling as an affordable means of commuting to tackle Covid-19 and help Delhi become a cycling-friendly city. Get the Delhi government to enact a ‘Non-motorised Vehicle Act’ to include laws that focus on walking and cycling and safeguards the interests of pedestrians and cyclists.

New Delhi, Delhi, India

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Reasons for signing

  • I like to do cycling a lot
  • Just ...its fun and ...also doin my practice
  • i love my country and obey all their rules and wanted to make my proud and also wanted make friendly city india jai hind love my country.