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To: Ministry of Environment & Ministry of Health - Government of India & Maharasthra State, PMRDA - Chairman, Maharashtra Pollution Control Board & National Green Tribunal

Clean Air at Wagholi

Clean Air at Wagholi

Respected Sirs' -
Wagholi is a suburb of Pune & its population size of more than 100,000 (estimated). Hardly few kilometers away from the city center, Wagholi is continuously polluted by burning of garbage in open & operation of stone quarries in the vicinity. There is no regular supply of water by Gram Panchayat to more than 200 societies in this area & water has to be purchased from tanker operators, with bills running into Lakhs every month.
The current situation is not only contrary to the objectives of Government Programs such as Swacch Bharat & Fit India, it is also a loss to the valuable life & property of citizens.
As citizens of India & residents of Wagholi, we request you all to take necessary steps to ensure we have a clean Air to breathe.

Wagholi Residents

Why is this important?

Clean air & water are the basic necessities for a healthy life. Unavailability of both becomes hazardous to life's existence .
Pune city continues to expand, as never before - however burning of garbage by gram panchayat in open, operation of stone quarries & ongoing construction is a huge source of Air Pollution .
More than 100,000 Wagholi residents are inhaling polluted Air, causing a severe health concern.
We need Fresh Air to Breathe & to Live !

Wagholi, Wageshwar Nagar, Wagholi, Pune, Maharashtra

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Reasons for signing

  • Civic body doesn't care about resident but only taxes
  • Pathetic situation
  • It's dirty air in wagholi


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