To: Ministry of Transport

Clean The Air

Clean The Air

On a war footing, all over India, efforts should be made by them to : -
1. Increase of Public Transport services like buses, prams or trains all over India especially in cities, not only in day time but also till late in the evening, so that dependency on private vehicles is greatly reduced or eliminated.
2. Undertake a huge project for planting, conservation & growth of trees to curb the effects of already polluted air in every nook & corner of India.
3. All vehicles which are more than 15 years old should not be allowed on roads subject to certain strict terms & conditions of acceptance like unusual good motor & parts of a vehicle or if a vehicle is totally environment friendly etc.
4. Introduction & promotion of environment friendly vehicles like vehicles solely run on solar energy fitted with solar batteries for running at night too or vehicles which run on edible fuel thereby, its emission is also environment friendly.
5. Enact a law for all requiring compulsory use of Public Transport Services for all purposes except in certain cases of emergency like medical services, essential commodities, flood, famine, drought or in times of war or other similar kinds of emergencies.
6. Lure public to use Public Transport Services by giving them free passes for a week or by providing them transport free of cost for a week.
7. Ensure that a law is enacted that no existing tree is cut either in cities / towns / villages & severe punishment for those who wilfully or ignorantly cut trees, and, ensuring of at least 90% tree cover for India.
8. A strict mandate for all new Govt. & Pvt. Industrial projects to get compulsory written approval from Public, various boards like Pollution Control Board of India & Environmental Boards with an undertaking that they would not disturb the 90% tree cover of India at any cost.
9.Regulate all existing industries & Govt. & Pvt. projects so that none of them pollute not only air but also water, soil & forest cover of India.

Why is this important?

This is very very important since without good quality air -
1. Public will be affected & prone to
various types of respiratory & cardiovascular diseases like asthma & cancer.
2. Public also will be affected by other related diseases like various types of skin diseases, eye diseases, lung diseases, digestive diseases, excretory diseases, bone diseases, nerve diseases, nose, teeth & mouth diseases, ear diseases, foot diseases, intestine diseases, reproductive diseases & even diseases related to hair & blood count.
3. The lifespan of public at large will come drastically affecting the future growth of population.

Reasons for signing

  • If we wish to live on fresh & pure air, please sign this petition.