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To: Nidhi Choudhari - District Collector, Raigad

Clear Uran's Bori Pakhadi garbage dumping site.

Clear Uran's Bori Pakhadi garbage dumping site.

1. Stop garbage dumping at Bori Pakhadi.
2. Clear the Bori Pakhadi dumping site as directed by the mangrove protection and conservation committee (MPCC), appointed by the Bombay high court (HC).

Why is this important?

3000 residents of Bori Pakhadi, Uran are facing serious health problems due to toxic fumes coming from the garbage being burned at the dumping site just meters away from their homes. After repetitive complaints by local NGOs and residents to the Prime Ministers Office, Uran Municipal Council (UMC) promised to move the dumping site in December 2019. But this hasn’t happened yet -- instead, the UMC continues to dump more waste, without segregation on the site.

Constant exposure to the toxic fumes from this site is making the elderly and children of Bori Pakhadi sick. Many of them have developed upper and lower respiratory tract problems leading to breathing trouble and asthma.

Sign this petition to demand that the dumping at this site be stopped immediately and the site be cleared as per the MPCC orders.


Uran, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

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Reasons for signing

  • Too save uran
  • Same condition is here in Ambernath, District Thane.Amid lockdown they're burning dumping ground which directly affecting people nearby... This Dumping ground is closer than 50 Meter from residential areas... Yes you heard right. Closer than 50 Meter... Location :-Ambernath (East)'near Greencity.. Since this case also happening in the same circle of maharashtra i hope all these cases will resolve ASAP. Thank you
  • Execute the order given by MPCC appointed by the Bombay High Court - government is elected to govern and look after safety and security of people!


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