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To: Uddhav Thackeray , Chief Minister, Maharashtra

Make Mumbai the cycling capital of India

1. POTHOLE FREE ROAD minus the paver blocks
3. INITIATE A NMT CELL with a yearly budget of 300 crore earmarked towards cycling infrastructure.

Why is this important?

Mumbai has the makings of a great cycling city - but it needs to set the wheels in motion. Cycle Chala City Bacha envisions making CYCLING the preferred mode for commute and a way of life across all the 24 wards of Mumbai. Our Vision is to make Mumbai the Cycling Capital of India by 2030.

Though lacking in infrastructure, Mumbai shares many characteristics that are at the heart of cycling-friendly Dutch cities.

What’s one of the biggest worries that plagues commuters in Mumbai, year after year? It’s traffic jams and the unease of using public transport that’s densely populated.
But in the past few months due to the pandemic, we’ve seen the city’s avid cyclists hit the streets, taking advantage of the minimal cars on the road. Which brings us to an important point -- why not look at cycles as more than just as a form of recreation/ exercise?

The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) wants its citizens to use bicycles as a part of its green initiative. It’s also in the process of introducing an app-based Public Bicycle Sharing (PBS) system. To create an impact both - increase in ridership and basic infrastructure there are a few challenges, especially around uniting citizens to the cause and convincing to encourage fence sitters to adopt cycling.

Cyclists of Mumbai have a unanimous voice when it comes to bare minimum necessities in terms of sharing the roads with motorised transportation and to ensure road safety for everyone.

As part of making Mumbai truly cycle friendly, we demand
- Pothole-free roads, minus paver blocks which are a huge hindrance for cyclists and discourage young kids and teenagers from adopting cycling due to the fear of injury.

- Provide bicycle parking stands
i)in/ near every school which will help students to use them.
ii)near shopping hubs/markets which will encourage people to go to market on bicycle
iii)in business complexes which will encourage corporate employees to use bicycles as a way to commute to work.
iv)Malls and theatres

- Initiate a A Non Motorised Transport cell with a yearly budget of 300 crore earmarked towards cycling infrastructure.

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

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Reasons for signing

  • Because I love this concept, and I love cycling
  • Its our right nothing else to say
  • If signing this petition gives us and pothole free city! Then why not!!


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