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To: Sourav Ganguly, President, BCCI

Dear Dada, Delhi is Choking. Please Shift the T20 Match Venue

Dear Dada, Delhi is Choking. Please Shift the T20 Match Venue

Delhi Is Choking. Please Shift the T20 Match Venue from Delhi Or Cancel The Match

Why is this important?

The President of the BCCI,
Sourav Ganguly

India is scheduled to play Bangladesh in a T20 cricket match on November 3rd in the pollution capital of the country, New Delhi. Going by official data, collated by AirVisual, AQI in Delhi, the ppm levels peaked within 24 hours - from 163 to 1,005.These are the worst levels recorded since February this year. It is a well established fact that pollution levels peak during this time of the year thanks to Diwali, the onset of the winter smog, the Thermal Power Plants spewing pollutants around the Delhi NCR region among other things. This is the annual state of affairs and this year is frankly no different. Current air quality (AQ) levels are hovering between "severe" and "unhealthy" and are only likely to get worse!

Air pollution kills millions every year, and Delhi is known for the highest levels of pollution in the country. This has been recognised by the medical fraternity and the Indian Medical Association has even called this a medical emergency. Health specialists have been warning the public to safeguard themselves and the most vulnerable sections of society - children, pregnant women and the elderly especially of the hazards air pollution faces. And our finest boys in blue are no exception to this hazard. Thousands of innocent spectators at the venue will be putting themselves at risk in order to watch the match.

In a similar situation in December 2017 when India played Sri Lanka, in a test match at Feroz Shah Kotla, a number of players had breathing issues while others got really sick as a result of the extreme pollution. This became international news. We hope under your leadership, the only news that becomes international is India’s game on the field. And not of the boys in blue wearing air pollution masks!

While this is last minute to change venue or reschedule, we urge you to treat this as an emergency. Because it is an emergency. And while cricket runs in every Indian’s blood, it’s not worth damaging our lungs. Not the team’s nor that of the spectators. We hope you take leadership in this regard and do what is right.



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