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To: Rao Narbir Singh, the PWD Minister; Chief Minister, Manohar Lal Khattar and Dr. Harsh Vardhan, Union Minister of Environment, Forest and Climate Change

Deforestation at rapid rate in Gurgaon

Deforestation at rapid rate in Gurgaon

PWD has sought permission to fell 1,300 trees to construct an underpass and a flyover at Atul Kataria Chowk. We want this to stop.
Ministry of Environment and Forest (MoEF) should not give permission for this. We don't want any more tree felling in the city in the name of development at the cost of our and our children's health.

Why is this important?

I wake up every morning with a headache. I struggle to breathe, I often go to work sick and I’m left feeling miserable most of the time. My 3 year old nephew is on a nebulizer. This is not life!

I live in Gurgaon where pollution has created a health crisis. This is not just about me, sadly most citizens are constantly fighting colds, coughs and sore throats regularly.

On top of this, comes news that the state Public Works Department (PWD) has sought permission to fell 1,300 trees to construct an underpass and a flyover at Atul Kataria Chowk.

A senior forest official on condition of anonymity told Hindustan Times that nearly 25,000 trees have been felled in the past five years, but in official records the number is around 9,000 trees.

The forest department mandates that 10 saplings be planted for every tree that is cut. Let's not forget that compensatory afforestation will take decades to make up for the void of felling decades old, full-grown trees.

Dr CR Babu, former director of the Biodiversity Park and professor emeritus at the University of Delhi, said, “I am sorry to say that the people are sleeping as deforestation on such a scale happens in the city. People should wake up, join hands and put up a strong protest if they want to save the city for future generations.”

Please sign this petition to stop this felling of trees and ask the authorities to not to plan development activities at the cost of the health of its citizens.

Reasons for signing

  • Chopping of trees is not good for anybody, people or animals.
  • To have a better future free from health issues caused by deforestation.
  • Cutting Trees for Development purpose is understood in Old Cities -Gurugram is new and Planners needs to study alternatives and save the Treess. We have developed habitation in Farm Lands-Ploted each tree to scale on plan and could save 80% -by manuvering -Added 10 time the 20% Removed to make good . Pay better design fees-Architects/ Planners will sure find the solution. Problem is with decision makers and their limitations .


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