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To: Rajeev Verma, Principal Secretary cum-Commissioner

Send recommendations on Delhi parking policy

Send recommendations on Delhi parking policy

1. Area Parking Plan must be modified based upon traffic impact assessment.
2. Grant enforcement powers to officers of civic agencies, holding a rank of Inspector/Head Clerk or above.
3. Impose charges on vehicles parked on public streets and in open spaces in residential areas.

Why is this important?

Are you sick of Delhi’s traffic troubles and the pollution levels, which are only compounded by vehicular emissions?
You need to know this.
The Delhi Government has recently released the final draft of the Delhi Maintenance and Management of Parking Places Rules 2019. These rules are intended for all public parking spaces owned or managed by public authorities.
These changes directly affect the life of every citizen of Delhi. There has been a significant increase in the number of vehicles over the last few years. With limited space , increase in private vehicles has led to serious traffic management issues like persistent jams and lack of parking spaces. As a result , air pollution levels in the city are soaring.
Infrastructural developments like malls, high-rise buildings, etc. compulsorily require Environment Impact Assessment but the government hasn’t followed this,to the utter dismay of environmental activists.
Currently, Delhi govt does not seem to realise that it not the lack of parking spaces, but a surplus of vehicles on the roads that is the real reason behind the city’s traffic, parking and environmental problems. Short-sighted solutions will only aggravate the problems and won’t have any tangible and lasting impact.
Send this letter to demand that the omitted clauses of base parking fee on public spaces as under Rules 2017 be restored in the final draft of Delhi Maintenance and Management of Parking Places Rules and the same be implemented effectively.

Delhi, India

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