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To: Nayana Gunde, Chairman & Managing Director, PMPML; Mukta Tilak, Mayor, Pune; Nitin Kalaje, Mayor, PCMC

Pune needs CNG buses: Do not buy polluting diesel buses for our city

PMPML scrapped their initial plan of getting diesel buses and are in the process of procuring electric buses!

Pune is improving its transport system by increasing the number of buses by 800. But did you know that they’re doing so by introducing polluting diesel buses, instead of the promised CNG buses? These diesel buses have a shelf life of 10 years -- and if we don’t stop the government from purchasing these inefficient and polluting buses now, our children will continue breathing dirty air for the next decade.

Sign this petition asking our city officials to not consider diesel buses and stick to its original plan of CNG buses.

Why is this important?

Diesel buses are one of the major contributors of outdoor air pollution. Emissions due to such vehicles have major health impacts -- right from causing irritation in the eyes, noses and throat to causing lung cancer. And hence, we need better and sustainable alternatives like CNG, which has lower fuel consumption and lower emissions than diesel vehicles.

Doing away with all diesel vehicles is one of the many ambitious plans by countries like France and Germany. India too is following suit, with its zealous plan of running only electric vehicles by 2030.

So at a time when the entire country, as well as the world, is trying to aggressively move away from diesel and petrol run vehicles, Pune is taking a step back and taking the city into a decade-long battle with air pollution.

Let us urge Pune city officials to not consider diesel buses and stick to their original plan of CNG buses.

After all, clean air in Pune is possible with an efficient transport system!

Careful study must be undertaken before purchasing CNG or diesel buses by PMPML, says NGO:
PMPML planning to buy diesel-run buses, activists call the move ‘ridiculous’:

Pune, Maharashtra, India

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Reasons for signing

  • For pollution free Pune!
  • need to stop polluting buses and need new buses anyway that the dirty dilated buses we have.
  • For polutionfree pune


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PMPML has been exposed! RTI suggests that our city’s public transport authority has ignored expert recommendations and decided to purchase highly polluting diesel buses!

More than a month ago, our friends at Parisar filed RTIs asking how did the PMPML come to the decision of buying 400 diesel buses.

Listen to this: BEST, Mumbai’s public transport authority, as well as an expert committee set up by the PMPML, recommended the purchase of CNG buses, because they were cost effective as well as environmentally friendly. But these recommendations fell on deaf ears.

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