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To: Ministry of Transport Karnataka

Does Bangalore have a post-COVID 19 transport plan?

Prepare a post-COVID 19 Transport plan for Bangalore

Why is this important?

COVID -19 has brought a city bustling with traffic to a halt. We are all hoping all our lives would be back to normal once the lockdown is lifted. Bangalore, the IT hub of the country, has attracted intercity travel and likely people would return once the lockdown is over. This pandemic is a sort of reminder that our present transportation system is not robust enough to address problems people are facing in the lockdown period.

A recent study published by the Indian Institute of Science also suggested that there is a need for policy intervention to tackle post-lockdown mobility in the city. In fact, it also suggests that the lockdown in some sense provides an opportunity of achieving a sustainable transportation system as currently, the traffic (intra-city and inter-city) is at its minimum and it is likely to come to take time before the traffic hits again with a full blow. “It is like a "restart" for the traffic” as suggested in the study.

The transport sector connects us all and it is important that transport agencies provide assurances to individuals that public transport is safe after the peak period is over. Some of those could include
Cross department coordination to take necessary steps to keep the premises of bus stops and buses clean by disinfecting these areas.
Equip Public transit hubs like bus stops with hand sanitizers and/or washbasins as seen in Kerala.
Safety measures message to public transportation commuters is to use agency website, social media platforms, newspapers etc, which shows the measures taken by the transit agency to ensure the passenger’s safety.

A post-COVID-19 awareness plan will help citizens build trust for public transport in the city.

Sign the petition now asking DULT to prioritise a post COVID- 19 action plan for Bangalore’s transport system.

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  • So that the spread of virus can be minimised.
  • I want to fo home and im stuck in Bangalore im from west Bengal siliguri


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