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To: Nayana Gunde, Chairperson and Managing Director Pune Mahanagar Parivahan Mahamandal Ltd (PMPML)

Electric buses need to be ‘electric’

Electric buses need to be ‘electric’

Ensure every electric bus have access to proper charging equipment in Pune

Why is this important?

A few days back, in a viral video, a PMPML bus was seen getting charged using a diesel generator. While PMPML blamed the driver for the incident, this episode brings forward the larger issue of the need for proper infrastructure for charging of e-buses in the city (1).

In February this year, PMPML launched 25 electric buses in Pune and added 50 more to the fleet in August. These electric buses have been applauded by Punekars and resulted in an increase in overall ridership of buses. (1)

This was a welcome move. Electric buses are better for the environment as they do not emit particulate matter and the cost of running is significantly lower as compared to diesel and CNG buses.

E-buses are the future of public transport in the country. let us hold PMPML accountable to ensure there is requisite infrastructure to run e-buses and does not depend upon environmentally unsustainable alternatives to keep the fleet running, which goes against its very purpose.

1. City’s electric buses seen guzzling diesel- Pune Mirror
2. Electric buses are a hit among PMPML users - Pune Mirror

Pune, Maharashtra, India

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  • Now is the time to do everything we can to reduce carbon footprint
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