To: Abdul Rakeeb Zakir, BBMP Ward Councillor, Pulikeshi Nagar

End illegal garbage burning in my ward (Ward 78)

End illegal garbage burning in my ward (Ward 78)

Open garbage burning is illegal. Enforce the ban on open garbage burning in Bangalore now!

Why is this important?

We can no longer brag about the ‘natural air-conditioning’ in the city. The summers are getting hotter and garbage burning is adding to the heat. Open burning of garbage is a common practice around the city. It is so normal that most of us don’t even know that it is against the law.

Particulate matter on our busy roads is 6 times the limit prescribed by the World Health Organisation. Garbage burning greatly contributes to the existing urban air pollution which is known to reduce the lives of Indians by over 3 years. The cocktail of toxins that are released while burning garbage is extremely harmful to humans, causing growth defects and cancer in children.

Here is the problem: The burning of garbage represents a whole systems failure. It’s what happens when there’s overconsumption, littering, not enough waste segregation, too few sorting facilities, and not enough landfills.

But the good news is that there is no shortage of solutions. If the BBMP makes this a priority, and invests/enforces accordingly, we can not only end garbage burning in our beautiful city, but it will also be major step forward in addressing the problem of waste management itself.

We already have 4 Indian cities on the list of 10 most polluted cities in the world. Let’s not add Bengaluru to that list. Let’s help Bengaluru be recrowned as the ‘garden city’ of India.

Join us in telling the BBMP that garbage burning is illegal and the ban on open garbage burning must be enforced immediately!

Pulikeshi Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

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