To: BBMP commissioner, N Manjunath Prasad

Fix Bangalore's roads, BBMP

Fix Bangalore's roads, BBMP

Fill all the potholes on Bangalore's roads and fix broken pavements
Provide a mechanism for citizens to be able to file complaints on the poor condition of the roads

Why is this important?

Travelling on Bangalore's streets has become a nightmare. The traffic issue is compounded by the terrible condition of the roads, with all the potholes and broken pavements. The dust also adds to the particulate matter in the air, leading to increased levels of air pollution.

On Wednesday, the Karnataka High Court asked the BBMP to fill all the potholes (over 3000) in the city in a day. The BBMP claims it has fixed 899 potholes and are working on the rest. The High Court has extended the deadline to Monday.

Sign the petition to get the BBMP to make Bangalore's roads motorable again. They should also provide a mechanism for citizens to file complaints against the shoddy condition of the roads.