To: K. C. Karuppannan, Minister for Environment and Pollution Control, Tamilnadu

Green Bus Stop

Green Bus Stop

Green bus stop plan, is to plant a single tree in all existing and future bus stops around the city. On an average there are more than 500 bus stops in Chennai apart from 32 depots. On daily basis 5 million people travel in bus to and fro. So, how about planting a tree in every bus stop?

That's Right!. A tree for a bus stop. Hence on an average 500 trees should be planted and trees will be increased as bus stops increases. Planting and maintenance should be done properly by government employees or hiring volunteers.

Why is this important?

- Trees prevent climate change
-Trees clean the Air
-Trees provide oxygen
-Trees cool the streets and city
-Trees provide energy
-Trees prevent water pollution
-Trees prevent soil erosion
-Trees bring diverse groups of people together

Trees provide lot of benefits to clean and safe environment. So, how about increasing trees in our city for better future?

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

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