To: Rajkumar Singh, Power Minister

I want India to be driven by the Sun!

Currently clean and renewable sources of energy amount to just 20% of India's total energy capacity.

In order to clean up our air and safeguard a healthy future for our children, India must commit to 100% renewable energy to power electric transportation!

Why is this important?

India has an electric future! In less than 20 years, all two-wheelers, cars, taxis, rickshaws, buses and trains will run on electricity.

This will be revolutionary. It will save the country billions of dollars on oil imports and can help reduce air pollution.

But transport running on electricity that comes from dirty power plants is not the solution. Power plants will burn more fossil fuels and make our air more toxic.

The Indian Government must look towards pure and abundant sources like the sun and the wind to power the electric revolution.

Currently 20% of our energy is from clean and renewable sources. To clean up our air for a healthy future and to save our planet, India must commit to 100% renewable energy to power electric transportation!

Let’s tell our government that Indians are ready to embrace renewable energy and safeguard our children’s future. Our voices have been heard, let’s make sure they are heard again!

Reasons for signing

  • It is not enough to simply sign the petition. We must also act accordingly to reduce pollution. I urge everyone to invest in innovative methods and technology to help this cause.
  • Less pollutant.
  • Solar is sustainable.


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