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To: V Ponnaraju, Commissioner Department of Urban Land Transport, Commissioner Department of Urban Land Transport

Send message on parking policy, Bangalore

Send message on  parking policy, Bangalore

1. Implement parking policy in its entirety
2. Ensure late mile connectivity from all public transit hubs

Why is this important?

Bangalore’s traffic woes are not news to any of us. Bengaluru already has more vehicles per capita than any other city in India. When they are not in use, these vehicles need parking spots. Not only is the number of vehicles increasing rapidly, simultaneously the city’s population is also expected to expand, which would further increase the demand for parking spaces, especially in central areas.

In six years, Karnataka’s urban development department has come up with two different policies on vehicular parking in Bengaluru. In fact, the first parking policy came nearly 2 decades ago in 2012. The caveat of paid parking in most parking policies has been met with resistance from citizens across the country. The need of the hour is more investment towards a robust public transport system and therefore it is important that this Parking policy
Prioritises the last mile connectivity to users given the policy suggests prohibiting parking within 150 metres of Metro stations, TTMCs or suburban rail stations or any other major public transit stations
Prepare detailed Area Parking Plans in consultation with ward committees.
Ensure strict enforcement of decongestion fee and proof of parking for residential areas.
Provide details for smooth implementation of residential parking priced through a permit-based system

In many ways, having this parking policy will do wonders to clear up the congestion in Bengaluru, and also help in making the city’s mobility system more organised and structured. All it needs is citizen support and political will to ensure it comes into action soon.

Department of Urban Land and Transport is inviting suggestions on the policy until April 15, 2020. Do your bit now!
Send the message now urging DULT to ensure enforcement of parking policy.

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

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