To: Dr Harsh Vardhan, Environment Minister

Increase funding for environmental research

Last week, P.M. Modi has asked Indian scientists to apply science to solve problems like air pollution.

We agree! But did you know that the environment ministry, which is responsible to curb pollution, spends only 0.3% of its budget on research? How can scientists bring innovation when there is such little financial support from the government?

That’s why you should sign the petition asking the environment minister to increase funding towards environmental research.

Why is this important?

1.2 million people die prematurely every year due to the poor air quality levels -- research has pointed out this fact. But the environment ministry has been rejecting such studies, and want Indian studies to substantiate this claim.

Indian scientists have been calling for the government to initiate long-term, scientific measures to address the quality of air we breathe. But with limited resources, our scientists’ hands are tied.

Our prime minister has stepped up and said that India will lead the battle against climate even as Donald Trump’s US has taken a major step back. And to lead we need to attract the top brains and make sure we use the right technology to make a lasting impact. Let’s make sure that the environment ministry hears our voices and prioritizes research in the next budget cycle in 2018.

India is home some of the greatest minds like Amartya Sen and APJ Abdul Kalam. And now we need to encourage the next generation to take up science to find solutions for air pollution. When thousands of us sign this petition asking the government to increase funding for air pollution, scientists will be empowered to rightfully ask for this support.

This may even encourage our children to take up science to protect the environment. Guess what -- your child may just help us find solutions to breathe clean air!

PM Narendra Modi says apply science to solve problems like Delhi air pollution: Financial Express
India Spends Just 0.3% of Its Environment Budget on Research: RTI: The Quint
Data linking death with air pollution inconclusive, says Indian minister: The Guardian
Enough evidence from India linking air pollution to health impacts: experts: Hindustan Times

Reasons for signing

  • It is important to strengthen the scientific temper among the people of the county, which is one of the needs of the hour. So there is need to increase the Government's budget for science education.
  • For "LIFE"
  • becase,as a retired 90 year old individual I donated a sum of nearly sixteen lakhs to the IISC Bangalore..I feel stongly that the gont ust encourage scientific research and atleast allot 3% of its budget forsience research.


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