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To: Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Independence from Air Pollution #PollutionSeAzaadi

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Include your vision for tackling India’s air pollution crisis in your Independence Day speech

Why is this important?

From 2013 to 2017, Delhi saw 981 deaths due to Acute Respiratory Infection, according to a report that was labelled in Parliament recently. We all know about World Health Organisation’s distressing report on air quality in 4000 cities across the world --- 14 of the top 15 cities were from India!

This is no laughing matter. India is in the midst of a grave air pollution crisis.

And infants, children and asthmatic patients are the most vulnerable to pollution-related diseases. You no longer need to be a smoker to get lung cancer. Rapid urbanisation, construction activities, stubble burning, vehicular emissions and thermal power plants are only some of the contributors to air pollution in India.

Can we have Swachh Bharat without Swachh Air? The PM has spoken of cleaning India’s polluted water bodies like Yamuna and Ganga, but what about the toxic air we’re breathing every day?

Every Independence Day, Narendra Modi speaks of the country’s history, economic and social developments in various sectors but he’s never acknowledged environmental concerns. This Aug 15, we must get him to address how he plans to tackle the rising air pollution in India in his speech.

Air pollution affects every one of us and it’s time we got together to get our biggest decision maker to speak up on it. Sign the petition urging Narendra Modi to speak about air pollution in his Independence Day speech.


Reasons for signing

  • Air polution has become a grave health hazard, particularly for our children. We must do every thing possible to conquor this demon.
  • Better step to avoid pollution in our country.
  • We should focus on our necessity of having good air rather than focusing only on industrial development like metro and bullet train


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