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To: Shri Satish Gavai, Chairman - Maharashtra Pollution Control Board (MPCB)

Install More Air Quality Monitoring Stations in Pune

Install More Air Quality Monitoring Stations in Pune

I work as a senior IT consultant in Pune. Because I travel between Pune and Mumbai for work, I can feel that the air quality in Pune is as bad as that it is in Mumbai. But with just 5 air quality monitoring stations in the city, how can the government safeguard Punekars from the hazards of air pollution?

That’s why I started a petition asking the Maharashtra Pollution Control Board (MPCB) to install more air quality monitors so that citizens are informed about the pollution levels that they inhale everyday.

We need air pollution monitors near construction sites and not near Saskon Hospital or the military areas where pollution is negligible. Currently, the air quality monitors ate installed in these areas.

Pune has recorded the maximum registry of 2-wheelers per day in Pan Asia and just 2nd highest 4-wheeler sales in entire country.

These numbers and the deteriorating health of the citizens is enough to prove how neglected this city is. Most times, Pune is not even mentioned in national surveys on air/water pollution index.

Why is this important?

Pune is the ninth largest city in the country and is home to many of India’s IT, automotive and manufacturing companies, which attracts lakhs of Indians every year.

A growing population means an increase in the number of vehicles as well as new construction sites around the city, both of which contribute significantly to outdoor air pollution. That’s why we need the government to ensure that the problem of air pollution is mitigated effectively.

According to recommendations by the Central Pollution Control Board, a city like Pune should have at least 12 AQMS in different regions. But we’re not even halfway there. Moreover, the MPCB has more than Rs. 500 crores of unused funds!

Air quality monitors record the pollution levels in a particular region and the data is used to understand health impacts citizens face.

Air pollution is extremely dangerous for children. On a really poor air quality day, the government can issue health advisories to its citizens and ask schools to shut down. Parents, too, can refer to this data if it is readily available and ensure that children stay indoors or wear air masks. This will also justify if we need more gardens and trees in the vicinity and distinguish certain places as vehicle free zones.

Punekars need access to better data on air quality and that’s why you should sign this petition for more AQMS across Pune.

If thousands of Punekars sign the petition, we will deliver it directly to Satish Gavai, chairman of the MPCB. This will show him that citizens want him to take action!

If we don’t act now, Pune’s air quality will reach dangerous levels. We cannot wait anymore! Our health and our children’s health is at risk.

Pune, Maharashtra, India

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Reasons for signing

  • It matters , our children breath the same air .... There future matters
  • Because it matters
  • Because I care


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