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To: Ministers,MPs , CEOs,Mayor

Jabalpur Cyclestaan

Jabalpur Cyclestaan

Jabalpur Vaasio!! lets start with a new revolution with cycles.
On 15th august , Lets come together and cycle 10 kms .
Lets go green , lets evolve with everyone .
Lets make it a trend to cycle and go for work and other stuff.
put hashtags #jabalpurcyclestaan #cyclingjabalpur and encourage your friends, collegues, neighbours etc to join you.
We together can do it JABALPUR!!!

Why is this important?

This is a very important and crucial decision, with not only with one benifits but with millions, I am suggesting some below
1. Health benefits
2. No fuel consumption hence economic value
3. No traffic
4. No pollution caused
5. Social distancing maintained
6. Immunity booster etc.

Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, India

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2020-08-14 13:03:36 +0530

You can complete this challenge with no time limit and barrier of checkpost.
Lets paddle JABALPIR