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To: Jaipur Municipal Corporation CEO Ravi Jain

Jaipur: end the open garbage/plastic burning

Jaipur: end the open garbage/plastic burning

Impose ban and Take strict action against people burning garbage/plastic and toxic materials in open.

Why is this important?

Respiratory illness, heart diseases are on the rise in Jaipur since past year, the air quality index of Jaipur is deteriorating day by day (over 20 times worst the prescribed safe limit by WHO) yet people continue burning toxic garbage and trash in open. Plastic burning produces dioxins and furans, the most toxic carcinogen known to men. Yet residents and even municipal workers themselves burn garbage dialy in early morning and late night making it difficult to breathe for elderly and children.

Triveni Nagar, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India

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Reasons for signing

  • To improve Air atmosphere of the city
  • There are different waste disposal methods of which bangalore method is the best .. every where it should be followed Burning tyre plastic etc in open will produce serious harm to nature as well as humanity.. avoid it today and educate others also.
  • Help us save the air quality for future generations.


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