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To: Chief Minister of Karnataka, H.D. Kumaraswamy

Karnataka doesn't need a statue : Say no to the Cauvery statue

1. Reject the proposal to construct Cauvery Statue at the Dam site
2. Consult the Stakeholders before construction on Theme Park On Krishanaraj Sagar Dam.

Why is this important?

In the recent past, Bangalore has already faced a severe water crisis. Experts suggest Bangalore will have ‘Day Zero’ like situation of Cape town(1) in the coming years. Cauvery water is an important source of water, which should not be wasted in building ecologically unsustainable and expensive structures.
To add to these woes, Karnataka irrigation minister DK Shivakumar recently quoted saying:
“We are just coming up with an amusement park for tourism, like Disneyland. Mysore is a destination for tourism. There is the famous Brindavan Garden and we want to enrich it. We want the world to look at it.”
High expected construction cost of 1200 crore and covers 400 acres of an ecologically fragile area around the Dam.
Farmers say the proposal is a bid by the real estate mafia to acquire fertile land around the KRS dam(3). Even farmers are struggling to get water for their crop both in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.
The proposed project will be ecologically damaging, especially since it would draw large amounts of water from Krishna Raja Sagara dam and affect Bangalore’s water intake which has been contested between the state of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

Currently, constructions around the dam are already banned and there is a request to restrict visitors to KRS to ensure its safety.
Engineers advise that the inevitable blasting required for excavation for the foundation of the 125-ft high statue, and making a deep excavation so close to KRS dam, can endanger the dam structure.
Even The Mysuru Travels Association (MTA) welcomed the Disneyland but not around fertile KRS dam (2), BS Prashanth, president of the association, said the body was take out the value that KRS has to offer,
The unsustainable and potentially damages from blasting the site for statue construction needs careful hydrological and geological investigations(4). Additionally, environmental impact assessment and social impact assessment need to be conducted and so far the reports of these assessments are not publicly available.
While promoting tourism in the state is important, it is equally important to ensure that it is not at the cost of severe environmental and social cost. If enough people lend their voice to the fight against the an ecologically harmful and expensive statue, we can make sure the Chief Minister of Karnataka doesn’t not move forward with construction of Mother Cauvery Statue.
The tenders for the Cauvery Statue will roll out next month5. We should ask government to rethink the project and consider the opposition the statue is facing.


Karnataka, India

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Reasons for signing

  • This proposed statue would outrageously demean the development plans supposedly carried out for the people of Karnataka. On the other hand, this extravagant project for no apparent benefit to the people is nothing short of whistling in the dark by the politicians in the process of self-aggrandizement and ironically it blatantly disregards the ecosystem.
  • 1200 crore can be used for welfare, not for fun.
  • Unfortunate .Same money can be used to improve apathy of Farmers!


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