To: Chief minister of Karnataka, H.D.Kumaraswamy

Karnataka Government, your turn to declare Western Ghats as an ESA!

Karnataka Government, your turn to declare Western Ghats as an ESA!

Karnataka Govt. needs to comply by Centre’s rule and declare Western Ghats as an eco-sensitive area (ESA).

Why is this important?

The Western Ghats is a mountain range spanning across 6 states. It is home to hundreds of plants, animals and birds. In the wake of the devastating Kerala floods, the Centre will soon issue a draft notification declaring Western Ghats as an eco sensitive area (ESA)
In 2014, the Centre had issued a draft notification declaring the Western Ghats as an ESA but Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka objected this.

Now, Karnataka is the only state raising objections to the new draft. Claiming it will “affect the State’s economy”1, Karnataka government is rejecting a petition that will ensure the prevention of mining and red category industrial activities, which includes polluting industries like pesticides and petrochemicals, in the Ghats.

An official from Karnataka’s forest ministry has disclosed that ministers in the state government have mining interests in the ghats2, hence refusing to abide by Centre’s draft. Vested political interests shouldn’t stand in the way of preventing further disasters like the ones we saw in Kerala and Karnataka just two months ago!

Sign the petition asking Karnataka CM, H.D.Kumaraswamy to declare Western Ghats as an eco sensitive area.


Karnataka, India

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Reasons for signing

  • I think as humans, we need to learn, live, understand and, respect nature. We are the main cause of the planned habitat destruction of many species of flora and fauna. This consideration has to apply to the government as well which has corrupt officials taking decisions. People need to take a stand and not allow destruction of such a pristine place and should declare it as an ESA.
  • Our natural world is disappearing fast -- and life for humans will be increasingly bereft of beauty and health when that happens
  • i myself a tree planter for a few years now and i know these days planting a sapling and saving it till it grows into a full tree is a hard task. we have to save it from animals , humans, rough weather etc. i am sorry to narrate that our organization"s success rate is saving a sapling upto 4-5 feet is meagre 40%. so saving a jungle is very easy if we are able to shift the project-to-be -built a few kms, away


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