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To: Chief minister of Karnataka, H.D.Kumaraswamy

Karnataka Government, your turn to declare Western Ghats as an ESA!

Karnataka Government, your turn to declare Western Ghats as an ESA!

Karnataka Govt. needs to comply by Centre’s rule and declare Western Ghats as an eco-sensitive area (ESA).

Why is this important?

The Western Ghats is a mountain range spanning across 6 states. It is home to hundreds of plants, animals and birds. In the wake of the devastating Kerala floods, the Centre will soon issue a draft notification declaring Western Ghats as an eco sensitive area (ESA)
In 2014, the Centre had issued a draft notification declaring the Western Ghats as an ESA but Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka objected this.

Now, Karnataka is the only state raising objections to the new draft. Claiming it will “affect the State’s economy”1, Karnataka government is rejecting a petition that will ensure the prevention of mining and red category industrial activities, which includes polluting industries like pesticides and petrochemicals, in the Ghats.

An official from Karnataka’s forest ministry has disclosed that ministers in the state government have mining interests in the ghats2, hence refusing to abide by Centre’s draft. Vested political interests shouldn’t stand in the way of preventing further disasters like the ones we saw in Kerala and Karnataka just two months ago!

Sign the petition asking Karnataka CM, H.D.Kumaraswamy to declare Western Ghats as an eco sensitive area.


Karnataka, India

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Reasons for signing

  • Because western ghats if not immediately declared as a eco sensitive area will have huge negative impact on overall ecology of this area
  • Living being including humans exists because of nature. Without western ghats, South India will turn into a desert soon.
  • I believe that the vested interests in mining and other red category industries need to wake up their conscience and think about the damage that they have already done to our land and nature. Money doesnt trump life. We have lost many lives due to floods and other natural disasters and the govt must wake up now.Mr CM, show the people who elected you that you care about earth that you live on. Stop bowing to the mining lobby and other vested interests


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