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To: M. Nagaraju (Yadav), Chairman, BMTC, Bengaluru

Keep your promise: Buy new BMTC buses by June 2017!

UPDATE: Last week the BMTC announced that it would add 1,500 new buses to its fleet. This is an important win for the city of Bengaluru! Upon hearing the good news, called up the up the Managing Director of the BMTC, Dr. Ekroop Caur.

We congratulated her on purchasing 1,500 new busses for Bengaluru - as promised - and asked her about old buses that need to be scrapped. It's crucial to reducing air pollution in the city, we said, and guess what??

She told us that the BMTC will be scrapping 1,000 old buses by the end of the financial year!

This is HUGE. It means that tons of particulate matter will not enter our city's air. Medium and heavy vehicles, including BMTC buses, account for 2.5 percent of country’s total fleet but contribute over 60 per cent of the air pollution.

This type of dialogue with decision makers and campaigning is what Jhatkaa specializes in, and we depend on members like you to fund our work. Our goal is to be 100% member-funded by passionate Bengalureans like you.

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Bengaluru needs a sustainable public transport system. And this is possible if Bengaluru Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) introduces new and efficient buses in the city.

According to a report, the BMTC was supposed to purchase 1,650 new buses by March 2017, but it only managed to buy 75--that’s less than 5% of their order! The BMTC has promised to complete the purchase by June 2017.

We want the corporation to keep its promise and complete the purchase of new buses by June 2017!

Why is this important?

An efficient public transport system is key to solving the outdoor air pollution problems in a city like Bengaluru. By scrapping old buses and buying new ones, we can reduce the problem of traffic congestion, and thus aim for cleaner air.

But why do we need new buses in the city? Currently there are hundreds of old buses still running that need to be scrapped. These buses have outlived their shelf life and are less fuel efficient. Also, maintaining these buses cuts a deeper hole in the government’s pockets.

Moreover, when these buses breakdown, they increase the traffic congestion on the streets, adding to the traffic woes of the city.

More buses running on the streets will mean introduction of newer routes, thus increasing the connectivity in the city. This will reduce the dependence on private vehicles and increase the use of public transport, leading to less congestion and less traffic on Bangalore’s streets. Our dream for a pollution-free Bangalore will slowly become a reality.

If at least 5,000 of us sign this petition, we will do a petition delivery to Mr Nagaraju to complete the purchase order. With amped-up pressure from citizens, the BMTC will not ignore this demand from concerned citizens.

BMTC promised 1,650 buses but adds just 75, wants two more months to complete purchase - Economic Times

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

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Reasons for signing

  • BMTC if it can provide reliable transport many will switch over as it can complinent METRO . Take the public opinion which may be nearer to soulution if not 100% perfect.
  • Let me breathe fresh air it is my right
  • As i travel by BMTC buses only


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