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To: Mamta Banerjee, The Hon'ble Chief Minister Government of West Bengal.

Kolkata Green : Facilitating Bicycle Commute and Restoring Bicycle Culture

The August call for freedom in 1942 would finally lead to another historic August in 1947 -- the independence of India. While celebrating this noble annual occasion, we feel that 'freedom' is a word with an ever widening impact like the Sloka -- 'from darkness lead me to light'.

Now, in the wake of the Covid caused crisis, we note a come back of the bicycles on the city roads heralding a cycling culture towards breathing in clean air on roads.

In tune with the Sabuj Sathi, WB Government's village bicycle programme we would pray to the highest office to honour the spirit penned in the following lines:

The Kolkata bicycle riders recall the call of the August --

Freedom from no road space
Freedom from police fine
Freedom from dishonour, disgrace
Freedom from 'no cycle sign'.

We wish that the government looks after the bicycle riders engaged in livelihood and daily commute, and accommodate them on the city roads introducing safe lanes.

We look forward to seeing that the city roads have our dream realized, sooner the healthier.

Why is this important?

We reassert our appeal with a paean on the bicycle:

Benefits of Bicycling

What does cycling speak and mean
A tale of serene city and verdant green
Oh! It's healthy climate's next of kin
And air water would ever be clean

Pedaling paws help float like fish's fin
Keep the rider strong, fit and lean
Herald freedom from smoke and din
Save the Nature, save the Man more sin

All'll recall what a leafy lore life's been
Ere the vehicles vomitted venoms 'n toxin
Cheers! We pave the way, let the wheel spin
And lo, the leaves in smile, the grasses grin.

Kolkata, West Bengal, India

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Reasons for signing

  • We should take immediate action to save us, save earth. Go green. 🤘🏻
  • since I support the cause.


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