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To: CM Mr. Yogi Adityanath

Let's make our Mathura cycling friendly

Let's make our Mathura cycling friendly

Just for the sake of health of humans and for Mother Earth
1. Proper comprehensive Cycling policy or strategy for the city road system
2. Form cell to coordinate the planning, design and implementation of infrastructure in the city
3. Launch campaigns to promote cycling in the city (Eg. Car-free Sundays, Cycling infrastructure , Free cycle clinics etc)
4. Create a quality area for walking and cycling master-plan for the city at multiple locations.

Planning, Design and Implementation
1. Create good quality, safe cycling infrastructure as per the master plan.
2. Implement projects to enable easy and affordable access to bicycles for citizens (Eg: Community 3. cycle-sharing systems, cycle rental schemes, etc)
4. Provide safe and free bicycle parking at transit stations and major public destinations to enable better last-mile connectivity.

1. Invest at least 10% of the city’s transportation budget towards building high quality walking and cycling infrastructure in the city

Why is this important?

Just for the Mother Earth and keeping environment clean. As COVID -19 only helped for a master re-set once now we should maintain this clean environment.

Mathura, Uttar Pradesh, India

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Reasons for signing

  • there are many benefits of cycling so i recommend all the person to prefer the cycle for your fitness


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