To: Ministers

Lets Make Trichy a safe heaven for cyclists

Lets Make Trichy a safe heaven for  cyclists

At present with the COVID pandemic in place and not much pedestrians on the roads, the government has taken initiatives to rebuild most of the main roads in and around the city. This can be a good opportunity for the following.
1. Mark separate cycling lanes in roads connecting the major areas of the city.Example: Srirangam to Thillinagar, Mannachanalur to tollgate, Thillinagar to karumandapam, Karur bypass to puthur.. and other roads that are under construction currently.
2. Mark Safe Cycling zones In and around educational institutions like schools and colleges which are in plenty.
3. Create subsidies and other schemes to encourage Manufacturers, sellers and buyers to create a carbon-neutral, pollution-free environment for future generations.

Why is this important?

This is High time we took action on this issue so that the future generations may live a peaceful and healthy life and see the world in all its glory.

Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu, India

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