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To: Devendra Fadnavis (BJP), Uddhav Thackeray (Shiv Sena), Balasaheb Thorat (Indian National Congress), Ajit Pawar (NCP)

Maharashtra Elections 2019: We want a Green Manifesto

Maharashtra Elections 2019: We want a Green Manifesto

All parties contesting for Maharashtra Legislative Assembly Elections elections must release a Green Manifesto -- that acknowledges dangers like air pollution, and prioritises environment policies

Why is this important?

UPDATE - Oct 15, 2019
In their manifesto, the BJP said it would create one crore jobs in the state over the next five years and also spend Rs 5 lakh crore on infrastructure. However, there was no mention made of plans or commitments towards environmental concerns and clean air.

UPDATE - Oct 12, 2019
Shiv Sena party chief Uddhav Thackeray, along with son Aaditya, released the party manifesto. The manifesto did not acknowledge Aarey, an issue the party has been very vocal about. They have said in the past that if elected, they will work towards declaring Aarey into a forest. The only points about the environment featured in the manifesto are around policy for faster implementation of electric transport, and
urban forestation on government land to reduce air pollution in Mumbai and other cities.

Oct 7, 2019
The Congress-NCP alliance released their manifesto.

In the lead-up to the National Elections this year, three major political parties included 'climate change' in their manifestos.

-The BJP promised to reduce crop burning, turn National Clean Air Programme (NCAP) into a mission) and focus on reducing the levels of pollution in 102 mission cities by 35 per cent in five years.
-The INC manifesto was more detailed -- one of their 15 key pledges was Nyay, centred around environment and climate change. They spoke about launching programmes for deteriorating soil quality, water restoration and afforestation of wastelands. They also recognised air pollution as a national public health emergency and promised to strengthen the National Clean Air Programme (NCAP).
-AAP’s manifesto promised the induction of electric buses, vacuum cleaning of roads along with other measures to control air pollution.

With the Maharashtra legislative assembly elections in October, we're calling on contesting parties to make a commitment on this front by releasing a 'Green Manifesto.' Apart from promises of infrastructure and development, the manifesto must also include the following:
1. Air Pollution -- We recognise that air pollution is a public health emergency and one of the biggest threats to our children's health. We will no longer be tagged the most polluted state in India. All major sources of emission will be targeted, mitigated and reduced to acceptable levels.
2. Coal Plants -- Maharashtra is committed to a cleaner, greener and cheaper energy mix through an accelerated transition to renewable energy. No new coal plants will be commissioned in the next five years. All existing coal-fired power plants will comply with emission norms.
3. Public transport -- Clean, modern and convenient public transport services, focused on frequency to handle numbers, will make sure our cities offer the highest quality of life.
4. Solid Waste Management -- Every city in Maharashtra will adopt the best practices from Pune’s exemplary efforts in solid waste management. Waste pickers will be equal stakeholders, waste management decentralised, and waste will be segregated and treated as wealth instead of being sent to landfills.
5. Forests and Coasts -- Commit to preserve Maharashtra's forest and coastal zones, and ensure any amendments to existing acts/ policies are sustainable and inclusive, keeping the interests of local communities in mind.
6. Focus on solar -- The solar feeder programme will be extended across Maharashtra. Farmers will fully control electricity for their pump-sets, and have a second source of income.
7. LPG -- Ensure that every house in Maharashtra can purchase LPG at affordable rates and use it as primary cooking fuel

Making a commitment in the manifesto will set the tone for the party's work in the years to come, and also allows citizens to hold them accountable. We must exert collective pressure to make this happen. Sign this campaign now!

Maharashtra, India

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Reasons for signing

  • Nagpur 3 weeks back had an AQI of 500 , isn't that alarming?
  • Please save nature
  • Please save our forest and spply when it is in our mumbai. please stop this.


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