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To: Housing Minister Prakash Mehta, Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis

Mahul is a polluted hellhole: Govt must shift residents immediately

Follow through on their assurances and provide alternative accommodation to Mahul residents without any further delays

Why is this important?

Update - September 23, 2019
The Bombay High Court directed the Maharashtra government to relocate Mahul residents in 12 weeks, and not to move any new families to the area. The court added that oil refineries and chemical factories near residential premises in the fishing village pose health risks and security problems.

Update - April 2019
The Bombay High Court ordered the BMC to offer monetary compensation to the residents of Mahul or relocate them. The BMC subsequently moved the Supreme Court. The residents meanwhile continue their silent protest, that they started in October last year.

Mahul is an industrial zone, located in the eastern suburb of Chembur in Mumbai. It's one of the most polluted areas in the city, and is surrounded by chemical refineries, fertiliser plants petroleum companies and other indutrial units. Clearly, it's unfit for residential purposes.

Except, thousands of project-affected persons (PAPs) were forced to move to Mahul in 2017. Given the toxic air in the region, these residents have been battling respiratory diseases like asthma, tuberculosis, rashes and a range of skin allergies. They moved the Bombay High Court in March this year, and the HC issued an order in August asking for them to be moved till a solution was found.

According to activist Medha Patkar, more than 125 people have died from pollution-related illnesses in the last 18 months. There was also a refinery blast in August, just 20 metres from the rehabilitation site. The residents continue to live in fear, and have been silently protesting for over a month now, camping at Ambedkar Nagar in Vidyavihar.

In November, Housing Minister Prakash Mehta promised the protesters that they would be rehabilitated by shifting them to Kurla HDIL. The official notification never came. Later Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis said it would not be possible to provide homes for 5,500 families in Kurla. Along with Patkar, residents are now threatening to march to Mantralay on December 15 if non-communication from the govenrment continues.

Mahul is a polluted hellhole, and 5,500 families residing there need to be rehomed immediately.

Stand up for them by signing this petition.


Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

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Reasons for signing

  • Air quality is a very important factor contributing to various health issues if it is of poor quality.
  • I have heard about condition of Mahul through my Dad from his clients who are currently residing there. Our textbooks also teach us that Industry should be far from residential area. The residents were there first. I don't understand how industrialists can be so irresponsible.
  • Want my country men to live a decent life.


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