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To: Mr. Manjunatha Prasad, IAS BBMP commissioner

Make Bangalore (solar) lit!

Make Bangalore (solar) lit!

Conversion of Existing street lights to solar LED street lights.

Why is this important?

BBMP is planning to convert around 4.8 lakh existing street lights in Bengaluru with LED bulbs. With this move the civic body aims to reduce the expenditure on electricity.

BBMP spends around 240 crore rupees towards electricity bill of the street lights and its maintenance each year. If all areas of the BBMP are covered and the lights are fully functional then this cost may go up as high as Rs 330 crore a month. So the decision to swap street lights with LED bulbs will reduce capital investment and monthly expenses to power the street lights.

While this is a good move, if the street lights are converted to Solar LED street lights, then this would be an environmentally-friendly option.

Advantages of Solar LED street light :
Solar LED street lights are a better investment than conventional street lights if the capital as well as operational and maintenance costs are considered.

Modern solar street lights come with their own advantages --
Battery management which is facilitated by the presence of night and motion sensors.
The light operates at average lumens brightness during the first 5 hours and then reduces the intensity of light till dawn.
If the PIR sensor is activated by human movement then the lights adjust its brightness to high.
This smart feature of the solar LED light makes it very energy efficient and cost effective.

Compared to the conventional solar street lights solar LED lights have less maintenance and operational cost. Absence of external wires makes it safe against accidents like electrocution.

Irrespective of Power cuts and grid failures these operate throughout the night .

As BBMP gets set to convert the existing street lights to LED, why not switch to a more environmentally friendly option? It’ll also be a step closer in making Bangalore sustainable.

Sign this petition asking the Commissioner of BBMP to switch to Solar LED street lights.

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  • This is way forward to save our future generations


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