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To: Karnataka Transport Minister HM Revanna

Bengaluru needs ultra-clean fuel too

Bengaluru needs ultra-clean fuel too

Make BS-VI grade-compliant fuel compulsory in Bengaluru

Why is this important?

Rapid construction, burning of garbage and increase in the number of vehicles plying the streets have all contributed to the rapidly deteriorating air quality levels in Bengaluru. In fact, an experiment conducted on Bangalore’s roads during peak traffic hours indicated extremely high levels of particulate matter (PM), which is basically the hazardous toxins that make up smog.

A few weeks ago, Delhi became the first city in India to upgrade to BS-VI compliant fuel. Billed as "ultra-clean fuel", it comprises lower sulphur content – leading to vehicles emitting fewer noxious fumes. The deadline for India to implement this grade of fuel was April 2020, but it was brought forward in Delhi keeping in mind the “serious pollution levels”. The Supreme Court has now directed the Centre to look into the possibility of rolling out BS-VI fuel in 13 more cities by April 2019.

Toxic air can inflict irreversible damage on our lungs. In fact a recent Harvard study revealed that even short-term exposure to air pollution can cause premature deaths.

Let’s not wait another two years to safeguard what is most important – our health. It’s time BS-VI grade fuel was made compulsory in Bangalore too.


Bangalore, Karnataka, India

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Reasons for signing

  • As an old Bangalorean I want the clean city and garden city of the 70's back!
  • yes needed
  • To make bangalore a clean city free from pollution, we need systems in place to control the parameters affecting the pollutions.


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