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To: District Collector of Mangalore

Make cycling cool in Mangaluru.

Make cycling cool in Mangaluru.

We want cycle-safe roads in Mangalore. People need to know how cycling benefits them which can help us spread why cycling is cool. Mangalore should start conducting charity rides. This independence day can give this campaign a great headstart.

Why is this important?

During the bad times of this pandemic, fitness and being healthy is the utmost importance to every individual. I feel cycling is a fun and effective way to achieve the same. Of course, while cycling during these times it is important for us to maintain social distancing and take the necessary care to prevent the spread of COVID.

Mangalore, Karnataka, India

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Reasons for signing

  • Increasing traffic
  • Cycling Maata Malthede bayakara kusi Berpundu, cycling mastee Kudla de popular anda rash riding accidents boka pollution kammi apundu.
  • Let the Bike love begin!


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Whenever you search for "cycling" on Google It's hard to spot Indian faces. We can change that.