To: Election Commission

Make NOTA accountable

Make NOTA  accountable

I want that NOTA should not just be an option but it should have value. Hence if the NOTA percentage is higher than any parties percentage then no political parties should be allowed to form a government.

Why is this important?

Their is a huge percentage of people who don’t vote cause they really don’t feel like voting for any party for reasons like corrupt candidate, corrupt parties or any other reason where they don’t see that the elected representative will do any good, hence they prefer not to vote at all , Secondly because NOTA voting is allowed but it doesn’t have a significant value, rather than wasting a vote, People cast a vote for the next best option, just for the heck of it. Once you give power to NOTA then even the political parties will think twice before making false promises & will focus on letting their work do the talking, Once NOTA is made accountable and people are educated about it, It will prove the true mandate of the people of this country & It will result in a governance by the people & for the people. Just as written in the constitution.


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