To: Ola CEO Bhavish Aggarwal

Make Pollution Under Control certificates mandatory for Ola cabs

Make Pollution Under Control certificates mandatory for Ola cabs

Make Pollution Under Control certificates mandatory for Ola cabs.

Ola has a unique opportunity to set an example in tackling vehicular pollution by making it compulsory for drivers to have valid PUC certificates in order to register with them. By doing so, Ola will prove that it is serious about its commitment to help India fight air pollution and make the switch to renewable energy.

Why is this important?

How many times have we covered our faces seeing large clouds of smoke trailing vehicles on the roads? In fact, your last ride with Ola may very well have been one such car that didn’t have a valid Pollution Under Control (PUC) certificate.

That’s right -- a PUC certificate is only an optional requirement for a driver to register their car with Ola.1 This is in spite of a Supreme Court mandate which makes PUC certificates essential for renewing vehicle insurance.2 Sign our petition asking Ola to make PUC certificates mandatory for car registration.

A recent World Health Organisation report 3 revealed that 14 of the world’s 15 most polluted cities are in India. This is no joke -- air pollution is a national health crisis. We desperately need to do everything we can to curb sources of air pollution. An authentic PUC certificate ensures that vehicles are within safety standards of pollution emissions. Strict enforcement of valid PUC certificates for all vehicles across the country is one way to tackle the problem.

Ola has a fleet of over 6 lakh cars in India and has changed the way urban Indians commute. They recently announced that they will be adding 1 million electric vehicles to their Indian fleet by 2021.4 Ola wants to be seen as being committed to renewable energy and help steer India’s shift to electric vehicles. But, in the interim, they need to ensure that their registered cars all have valid PUC certificates. By doing so, they will walk the talk and truly help fight air pollution.

As frequent users of Ola, we have a special leverage that we can now collectively apply on the company. We have everything going for us to convince Ola to make this change. They value their customers and are desperate to prove their superiority to rival Uber.

By raising our voices collectively to demand compulsory PUC certificates we will be able to convince Ola to make the change. And the next time you take an Ola, you can rest easy knowing you did your part in getting one more smokey vehicle cleaned up.

Let’s not waste this opportunity to assert our agency!

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  • We Believe In Power Of Creativity & Quality
  • Why only single out OLA CABS. It should be for UBER, and all other similar taxi aggregators. Plz change the petition title.
  • It's our right to clean air


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