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To: Nitin Gadkari, Minister for Road Transport

Make India a global leader in Electric Vehicles

Make India a global leader in Electric Vehicles

Last year Nitin Gadkari announced an exciting plan to achieve 100% electric vehicles (EVs) in India by 2030. This is exactly what we need - not only is this a key step in reducing air pollution, it will make India a global leader in EVs.

However, yesterday Mr. Gadkari reversed his stance. We must not back down from ensuring cleaner transport and ending our dependence on petrol and diesel.

Why is this important?

Minister for Road Transport Nitin Gadkari inaugurated electric vehicle charging stations in New Delhi a few days ago. Last month, he assured us that India’s new EV Policy was awaiting union cabinet approval. These promising steps towards sustainable energy use seem to have taken a u-turn with his surprising announcement that India does not need an EV-policy.

Governments of Maharashtra and Karnataka are already in the process of approving and implementing EV policies in their respective states. The Ministry of Road Transport, together with NITI Aayog, must go one step further and introduce a nation-wide road map for boosting electric vehicles in India.

If India is to achieve 100% electric vehicle mobility by 2030, then all efforts must be made to manufacture, promote and boost electric vehicles powered by renewable energy. The key is getting EV manufacturers to commit to renewable-energy powered vehicles -- whether they are buses, taxis, autos or other means of public transport.

Minister Gadkari has a unique opportunity to make India a global leader in electric vehicles. If enough citizens sign this petition to let him know we want an EV-policy for India, we can convince him to get back on track towards rolling out an electric vehicle plan for our country.

Govt drops the idea of an India EV policy:
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Reasons for signing

  • In fact, year 2030 is far away. Cities like Bengaluru and Delhi are already vicitims of air pollution. Central government should gear up for earlier implementation of 100% EVs .
  • Does we need to convey that we need clean air and it is necessary
  • We need to work on Renewable energies and when such policies like EV can be implemented and air pollution can be reduced by this than why government is backing off their position .


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