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To: Deputy CM Manish Sisodia, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Delhi Directorate of Education, Army Welfare Education Society, Kendriya Vidyalaya, South Delhi Municipal Corporation, New Delhi Municipal Council, ICSE, CBSE, Defence Dept

Children in Delhi Deserve Clean Air #MyRightToBreathe

To ensure that all schools in Delhi are equipped to deal with air pollution-related medical emergencies.

Why is this important?

Like any other parent, I want to give my children a safe and secure environment so they're healthy and thriving. Lately, I seem to be struggling with a very simple aspiration -- something that is a basic right. Their "right to breathe". The right to breathe clean air.

The air in Delhi has reached toxic levels, infiltrating our lungs but most importantly, affecting our vulnerable children's health. A recent study by the Lung Care Foundation pointed to how newborns inhaling this toxic air have a higher chance of being diagnosed with lung cancer.

My 14-year-old twin daughters, who are competing for junior national-level basketball, are at high risk for pollution-related health conditions, including severe respiratory infections. Would we have ever imagined that playing sports would be a curse for our children? And if they discontinue, their 11 years of strenuous training for the sport is lost.

Most of our children spend over 8 hours in school. There is an URGENT need for every educational institution, whether private or government-run, to be equipped with awareness on how to deal with air pollution-related crises. Along with regular first-aid, the kits need to have nebulizers, inhalers, spacers and other specialised medication.

The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) has pointed to increasing scientific research that shows that air pollution can permanently damage a child’s brain. As a citizen of Delhi (but foremost a concerned mother), and the My Right to Breathe (MRTB) movement, I urge you to join my campaign asking the government and the various governing bodies of different schools to consider the severe health hazards of air pollution.

Sign this petition urging every single school in Delhi to be equipped with special prevention kits and medication to deal with air pollution-related medical emergencies.


New Delhi, Delhi, India

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Reasons for signing

  • I need to love in pollution free place.
  • We deserve clean air
  • Because it is very important for our nature.


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