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To: CEO of Godrej Nature's Basket

#NaturesCasket: Boycott Godrej Nature's Basket till they cut down on plastic

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#NaturesCasket: Boycott Godrej Nature's Basket till they cut down on plastic

Dear Ms. Avani Davda,

We're writing to you to put an end to the use of single use plastics in all your stores across India. In a city like Bengaluru, we generate over 5000 tonnes of garbage every day. 3/5th of this is solid waste, and a lot of it is increasingly disposable plastics.

These plastics are either burnt by the civic authorities (BBMP) and get into our lungs, or end up on streets and in our drains where they're eaten by cows or clogging up our storm water drains, leading to flooding even in mild monsoon conditions.

This is unprecedented for one of the fastest growing cities in the world. In order for our cities to truly become Smart cities, we need to curb disposable plastics and reduce the generation of garbage at source. We currently see Nature's Basket as one such source of garbage generation.

Your stores use plastic to wrap fresh produce, we assume, to appear fresh and reduce food wastage. Fresh food can be kept fresh through a combination of refrigeration and vacuum storage, using biodegradable materials. It is criminal to use plastics that do not degrade for decades, just to extend the shelf life of food by a few days.

Karnataka has already imposed a ban on certain plastics, but this is not enough to curb the generation of plastic. Bengaluru has gone from being called the Garden City of India, to now, the Garbage City of India. We think companies like Godrej, should set an example for a sustainable future and commit to a zero-plastic policy especially for fresh produce and avoid going from Nature's Basket to #NaturesCasket.

We will grow and intensify our efforts till Godrej makes a positive move to invest in sustainable alternatives to disposable plastics.

Why is this important?

Organizations like Godrej who champion good corporate governance, should set an example and commit to a zero-plastic future.


2019-07-20 12:05:46 +0530

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