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To: Piyush Goyal, Minister of Railways

No AC coaches only!

No AC coaches only!

Rollback the decision to make train coaches AC only.

Why is this important?

Recently, Railways Board Chairman VK Yadav declared that Indian Railways will be replacing non-AC coaches from every mail and express train. This way, “all mails and express trains in India will be AC only in future. Since every coach will be AC coach, passengers can enjoy a comfortable journey,” he said.

Just this year amidst the pandemic Shramik trains ferried more than 57 lakh passengers. Most of them struggled to pay the sleeper-coach fare. This move will further marginalise the less privileged and vulnerable migrant communities across the country relying upon trains for their travel. While this move is aimed at making the journey “more comfortable”, it has failed to consider the plight of millions of people who can barely afford the sleeper coach fare and will have a significant impact on public mobility.

Additionally, this would result in a significant increase in the carbon footprint given that Indian railways are recognised as one of the largest railway systems in the world with over 23 million takers.

Sign the petition now to demand a rollback on the decision to make every railway long-distance mail and express train an air-conditioned one.


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