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To: D. Sarkar, Commissioner-cum-secretary, DDA

No amendment to Delhi's Master Plan

Last date for accepting comments has passed.

No amendment to Delhi's Master Plan

Stop DDA's proposed TOD (Transit Oriented Development) Policy

Why is this important?

Delhiites, this needs your urgent attention!

Delhi Development Authority (DDA) has proposed a modification to the Delhi Master Plan - 2021 (MPD) to make it more transit-oriented. Basically, this modification will cause great harm to Delhi’s already depleting green cover, prioritising more unnecessary concrete buildings.

One of the major flaws in this plan is its blatant disregard of the environment. It considers dense, green areas like Sarojini Nagar and Yamuna floodplains as ‘underutilised’. The massive scale of construction under this plan will worsen Delhi’s air quality and will also lead to much lesser green cover. The proposed green cover under this plan is 20%, with its definition ranging from wild grass to fully grown trees.

Furthermore, this modification goes against Delhi’s master plan. The capital is reeling under alarming environmental hazards, which is causing severe health issues amongst its citizens. Adding needless malls, offices and other buildings at such a time will prove to be expensive for the city’s near future.

Citizens’ voices are growing in unison to stop this modification. DDA has asked for comments on their modification before April 23, 2019.

Add your voice to this by signing the petition.

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Delhi, India

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