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Prevent Deforestation at Benniganahalli Lake

Prevent Deforestation at Benniganahalli Lake

To whomsoever it may concern,
It has come to the notice of the residents of Pai Layout that the trees which surround the Benniganahalli Lake are now being marked and numbered for chopping. This is to make way for a road alongside the ongoing Metro construction in the area. We would like to request you to kindly consider the ecosystem of the lake and keep the chopping of trees to a minimum. BBMP has recently cleaned and developed this 10-acre lake at the cost of Rs. 3 crore. After many years, it has been restored to its previous glory and is now attracting several species of birds. The beautiful pink and yellow blossoms on the trees that fence the lake will be sorely missed, and the habitat of various local fauna will be lost if the trees are chopped down.
An ideal solution would be the relocation of the trees that are to be felled. If not, we kindly request you to ensure that the number of trees that are cut down are kept to the absolute minimum.
Concerned Citizens.

Why is this important?

The Benniganahalli Lake is a sight that most of the residents in and around Pai Layout are accustomed to. The tall trees and various birds that can be spotted there during a morning or evening walk has become a part of our daily routine.
However, a few years a ago, the lake was in bad shape. It was extremely polluted and filled with sewage and weeds. A terrible stink hung in the air and no birds or fish could be seen. In 2016, the BDA handed over the lake to the BBMP, who spent Rs. 3 crore for the restoration of the lake. The cleaning of weeds and silt began in March 2018. BBMP authorities stated that there was no need to plant saplings as there were already well grown trees on the lake bund.
The same trees are now being marked and numbered for chopping down.
These trees have been present around the lake for many years. They bloom in every season and provide habitat for various species of birds. The beautiful pink and yellow blossoms that one can enjoy while taking a walk around the lake or driving over the flyover is simply otherworldly. The ducks and herons that thrive on the island and circumference of the lake also add to the aesthetic. The tall grass and bushes are home to species of harmless, non-venomous snakes that usually emerge during the monsoons.
If the trees that surround the lake are cut down, the habitat of the various fauna would be lost. The beauty and tranquility of Benniganahalli Lake would be lost. Any resident who is accustomed to taking a morning or evening stroll around the lake would support the notion that the chopping of the trees would be a major loss to the society. The lake ecosystem is unique and the greenery is much needed in the concrete jungle that we currently live in. The birds and animals which have made the lake their home play an important role in maintaining the integrity of the area.
I visited the lake on and saw workers numbering the trees. On being asked what they were doing, they informed me that the trees were being marked to be cut down so they can make way for a road that needs to be constructed alongside the metro. The beauty and greenery that surrounds the Benniganahalli Lake is soon to be lost and the birds and animals that have returned to the lake only a couple of years ago are soon to rendered homeless again.
The need for action is immediate and I request you to kindly sign this petition and help request the BMRCL to keep the deforestation to a minimum.

Benniganahalli Lake, Dooravani Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka

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Reasons for signing

  • Bangalore is becoming one of the most polluted city in South India after chennai. It is the time for precautionary measures to be taken..but daily we see many number of trees cut done for the purpose. Development is important but not at the cost of human health.if this is not taken care Bangalore is on the brick of becoming city like dehli . So please spread awareness about planting more trees instead of ruthlessly cutting them down.
  • This is an important issue and needs to be tackled with care towards our larger ecosystem. The lake has only just been rejuvenated and it's being destroyed again.
  • We need to save and preserve environment


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