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To: BS Yeddiyurappa, Karnataka chief minister

Protect Bannerghatta, protect Bengaluru!

Protect Bannerghatta, protect Bengaluru!

Scrap all projects infringing on the Bannerghatta buffer zone.

Why is this important?

Despite formal public objections, the Ministry of Environment and Forests (MOEF) has notified a 37% (100sq km)reduction of Bannerghatta ESZ towards Bangalore. This is the time to fight tooth and nail to preserve Bannerghatta National Park, democracy must prevail!

Functioning as one of the last-remaining oxygen banks and water sources available to Bangalore, Bannerghatta National Park is under threat from encroaching civilization. The Ecological Sensitive Zone (ESZ) is one that keeps a buffer between the park and the surrounding city, provides protection and a green cover for Bangalore. If the ESZ is so severely shortened, the vehicular traffic, air, and water pollution will put in danger the wildlife of the park as well as lead to more human-animal conflicts. These plans are threatening the safety of man and beast alike and will result in further destabilizing Bangalore temperatures.

Succumbing to vested interests, the Yeddyurappa government has ignored the legal stay on maintaining the eco-sensitive zone (ESZ) in the Bannerghatta National Park. The stay has been mandated by the Ministry of Forests but state-sanctioned projects are looking to diminish the green cover by as much as 100 km.

Thousands of trees will be cut down, animal and human lives will be under threat from the lack of a sufficient barrier. If Bangalore wants to maintain it’s cool temperatures (which are already in decline) then we need to save Bannerghatta National Park.

This is our chance to stop something that will affect the whole of Bangalore and everyone in it if we allow such projects to rise then the repercussions will be faced by everyone. Other states would also be encouraged to take upon development projects on a massive scale without accounting for what is best for its residents. Let us come together to demand a better Bangalore from the CM. We demand that this proposal be scrapped by the CM of Karnataka Yeddiyurappa and that he adhere to the PIL that promises the buffer zone to be untouched.

Reasons for signing

  • Green spaces are an absolute requirement in cities. Without them we will be choked. Many animals, birds, insects have made such places thier home and we should let them live in peace, just like how we expect no disturbance for our existence.
  • Good cause shown..But why do they need email address for this? How do we know our data is safe?
  • Save our planet


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