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To: Tukaram Mundhe, Managing Director, PMPML

Pune needs CNG buses: Reconsider your decision of buying 400 diesel buses

Pune needs CNG buses: Reconsider your decision of buying 400 diesel buses

Along with 900 Punekars, we're urging you to not purchase the highly polluting diesel buses for PMPML’s new fleet.

We were disappointed to read reports which state that the PMPML has decided to purchase 400 diesel buses, instead of all new CNG buses.

Please reconsider your decision.

Why is this important?

Diesel buses are one of the major contributors of outdoor air pollution. Emissions due to such vehicles have major health impacts -- right from causing irritation in the eyes, noses and throat to causing lung cancer. Particulate matter emissions from diesel exhaust, which contain high levels of black carbon, have been found to be four to nine times more deadly than other types of particulate matter.

Moreover, according to a recent report published by the CPCB, Pune has the highest levels of sulphur dioxide in the country. Punekars need better and sustainable alternatives like CNG, which has lower fuel consumption and lower emissions than diesel vehicles.

Doing away with all diesel vehicles is one of the many ambitious plans by countries like France and Germany. India too is following suit, with its zealous plan of running only electric vehicles by 2030.

So at a time when the entire country, as well as the world, is trying to aggressively move away from diesel- and petrol-run vehicles, Pune should also take strides in the same direction and not take the city into a decade-long battle with air pollution.

We sincerely hope that you reconsider your decision and join us in this battle against air pollution. The decision you take now will have long-lasting effects on our children.

We’ve been on this issue for months now. Our friends at Parisar have filed an RTI asking pointed questions to the transport department on how the committee reached this decision. While we wait for the RTI replies, Mr Mundhe needs to know how ordinary citizens like you and me are seriously affected by this deadly problem of air pollution.

If we can somehow convince them to reconsider their decision, it will be a huge victory for Punekars -- we won’t be breathing deadly pollutants emitted by these new buses for the next decade!

To make this happen, we need your help. If hundreds of us can fill up Mr Mundhe’s inbox, then he will be forced to answer us.

We’ve already drafted the email and included all the points that are needed, but if you need to add more, maybe personal experiences, then please free to do so.

If we don’t act now, our historic city of Pune might become the next Delhi. Let’s stop that from happening!

Pune, Maharashtra, India

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